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Second Chance Lends is a lending platform that allows for a simpler and more convenient means of borrowing money up to 10,000 dollars. You’re essentially working with various lenders all throughout the nation, and you can connect with a lender that can give you the funds you desire in moments. 

How does it work?

What I love about this is that it’s actually super seamless, and essentially, you need to do the following:

  • Fill out a form online
  • Get requests and approval
  • Get funded by the lender
  • Get the money within the next business day
  • You can choose how you want to pay it back over time

The cool thing about this is that you can pay this off over a period of 12-60 months. That means, you don’t have to be strapped for cash all the time because of your loans, but you can budget this easily.

With these loans, you’re essentially going to be connected. You can always opt out of a personal loan offer if you don’t want to go with them. If you do that, however, you’ll need to talk to another person and resubmit the application in order to do this.

The nice part about this is that if you don’t want to have to worry about paying it back, you can actually have it auto withdraw out of there, along with application fees and other interest that are there. If you do need help repaying it, you can contact to ask about extensions, and from there, you’ll have to adjust the contract. However, it’s honestly quite easy to pay, and customers usually can see a credit counselor if there are credit problems.

The Benefits

A super easy online form that can be done in minutes, you just need to qualify why choose this loan company? Well, I noticed that there are some great benefits that other companies don’t typically use, and they are the following:
  • Super fast response time, meaning you’ll get your answer in minutes instead of days
  • The money is super fast, and it goes to your account within the next business day

It’s super simple to get it done, and you should definitely try it if you need a quick loan.

To get loans, it essentially involves four sets of questions, and they are the following:

  • Saying who you are, including information for others in the network to know
  • Tell how much money you need, whether it be a small loan or loans up to 10,000 dollars
  • telling about the occupation, how much your regular income is, and your age in order to see if you qualify
  • The place for your loans to transfer to

If you can safely answer all of those questions, then you can definitely get a loan really quick. I was surprised at how easy it was, because typically getting a loan is a big issue, and it can be a huge debacle, but they make it seamless so that you’re not just sitting around twiddling your thumbs in hopes that you get the loan.

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